We offer both print and digital advertising.

  • Print ads are billed traditionally, based on the space they occupy on a page, per week. See examples below. The print edition is published on Mondays, 48 times per year.
  • Digital ads are billed based on Traffic (CPM) OR Campaign.
    • Traffic (CPM) - Advertisements are billed at a predetermined rate per 1000 impressions, known as CPM (cost per mille). So once the ad is seen 1000 times, it will stop appearing on the website whether that takes two days or two weeks. Minimum charge for one unit applies. We can provide a report afterwards upon request.
    • Campaign - Book an advertisement to run for a specific duration. We bill it in advance based on the CPM rate combined with average website traffic. You can choose the size and location of the ad and wheather or not it's displayed occasionally or consistantly.
email your Print or Digital ad requests to:

Print Advertising


LMT - Sample size - Full Page LMT - Sample size - singles2NoneNoneNoneNone

Download Examples size sheet: Here

Add GST to all prices. Prices are subject to change.

FORMATS We accept advertising material in many formats, including PDF, JPG, and Word documents. We can provide design assistance. Please ask for details.

Note: Any pre-made ad can be scaled up or down to fit our columns and can be priced accordingly. Your ad doesn’t have to match any of the sample sizes shown.


Business Directory ads are currently sold in increments of 2 inches wide.

  • Height/depth is charged at $112 per inch for 6 months; $210 per inch for 12 months.
  • Purchased 6 or 12 months in advance and cannot be changed on a weekly basis.
  • HOWEVER soon we will move to fixed sizes and rates.
  • Service includes listing in our online directory - advertisements are 300px by 250px


  • $10 for the first 20 words. Extra words ¢20 each
  • 4th week FREE if paid in advance
  • $15 for 1 column photo
  • Display ads placed in the classified section will be charged 1.5 times the regular rate.
  • No refunds available - ads may be put on hold or credited if cancelled.
  • Classified rates also apply to memorials, births, weddings, anniversaries, special occasions, greetings placed in the classified section.
  • Charges may apply for articles or write-ups submitted more than 60 days after the event.


  • Classified - 35¢ per word.
  • Display: $20.00 per column inch.


  • Obituaries, Memorials: $70 for first 250 words, ¢20 for each additional word - $15/photo (colour included if available).
  • Birth Announcements: $15 - $15/photo
  • Wedding, anniversary, special occasions, birthday greetings: $49 flat rate for a max. 2 col. by 4 inch ad or equiv. (photo included)